What You Will Be Watching July 30


Guardians of the Galaxy won’t be out until August 1, but on the 30th of July, you’ll need a lot of popcorn for this . . . read more >>

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Passwords To Remember


I recently changed all my passwords because of that damn Heartbleed thing, and I’ve been lost ever since. I knew all my passwords before because I’d had them for over a decade (that’s a bad thing), but finding secure new ones that I could remember turned into a nightmare. Then I found this post on Lifehacker that had this excellent password generator from security expert Bruce Schneier. Here’s my version of the Schneier method:

Cherry Saturday 7-5-14


Today is Workaholics Day, which means if you’re working today, this day is for you, especially since it’s Saturday, which frankly, is just ostentatious of you. We’re not impressed. Go find a hammock and a good book.

Questionable: Sex in Stories


Deb Blake asked:

Sex. I have to put the occasional sex scene in my books, and it is SO hard to write sex scenes (or seduction, or even just attraction) well. Your sex scenes are among the few I actually like to read. Any suggestions?


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Questionable: 10 Things to Know About Publishing


Julie wrote:

How about . . . [a] Top 10 things nobody tells you about getting your book published, Top 10 things newbie authors need to know, middle-of-the-road/almost published authors should know…