Sense8: Revising “Limbic Whatsit”



I went back and looked at the pilot in light of what I knew about the whole series. I think the problems are much more complex than just the first episode, and because I don’t completely understand what they’re trying to do here, it’s iffy to say “This is how that first episode should have gone.” But based on the idea that a beginning should introduce the protagonists while establishing setting, mood, tone, and conflict, which is pretty basic storytelling, here’s how I’d revise that pilot. read more >>

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The Sense8 Pilot: “Limbic Resonance” WTF?


Warning: TL,DR: I saw a TV pilot that made me crazy so I watched it twice more to see how I’d fix it. I still don’t know, but I wrote three thousand words about why I couldn’t figure it out. Also the show is really good, so plow through the pilot and then settle in for the remaining eleven episodes. It’s worth it. Oh, and it’s definitely R rated, so don’t watch it with the kids or if graphic sex and violence and full frontal nudity appall you.


Last week, I decided to wind down before bed by trying out a new-to-me TV show, Sense8 the latest effort from Andy and Lana Wachowski, who brought us The Matrix and bullet time, and their co-creator and co-writer Michael J. Straczynski. An hour later, I was frowning at the TV; a good reaction to a pilot is not “I don’t understand most of that.” But I was really comfortable and I liked some of the characters, so I clicked on the second episode, and four hours later I was finishing up episode five, completely hooked. I finished the twelve-episode series in two more days, and then tried to process what I’d just seen. read more >>

Cherry Saturday 7 – 27 – 2015


Today is Culinarians Day.
At first I thought that said something else.


RWA Lecture 2015


So, as promised, here are the handouts and notes from the two lectures I gave today. (For the record, I wore make-up and underwear, but drew the line at pantyhose and heels. I felt that was a fair compromise.)

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The Joys of Hermit-age


I have to get out more. The problem is, I don’t want to. read more >>