Okay, Okay, Okay. I’ll Post.


Look, it’s been hectic here.

“Sister Krissie Explains It All” Is Now Explaining It All


Krissie started her 2015 blog on the first and didn’t tell anybody. ARGH. Go over and say hi, and we’ll do the Re-Fab thing there. And now I have to go over there and catch up. She never tells me anything.

So 2015 . . .


And here we are again. Another year’s end, another year beginning, another refusal to make resolutions because I can’t plan for the weekend, let alone a whole year. Instead, I have intentions. I intend to do this stuff. If I don’t do it, hey, I changed my mind. It’s not like I resolved to do this stuff. I didn’t promise the universe anything. There is no obligation and no guilt-inducing salespeople will call. Not even my mother who, when I called to tell her I’d sold my first novel, said, “Well, don’t forget your PhD.” Because you start resolving to do something and Guilt shows up at your door with a list. “Remember when you said you were gonna lose fifteen pounds by 2011? IT’S 2015 AND YOU STILL HAVEN’T LOST THOSE POUNDS.” Yeah, fuck Guilt and his much worst cousin, Shame, something I haven’t been on speaking terms with for forty years.

Where was I?

Right. Intentions. Here are mine:


Happy (Insert Holiday of Your Choice Here), Argh People!


Hanukkah was over yesterday, Christmas ends tonight at midnight, Kwanza starts tomorrow, and I’m sure there are other celebrations I’ve missed (Winter Solstice, Deb?) so here’s wishing you all a fabulous whatever and an even more fabulous 2015.

And in the fine old Argh tradition (2010, 2011, 2013) here’s the official Argh Christmas carol. Because the Drifters work for any any day any where, no matter what they’re singing.

Cherry Saturday 12 20 14


It’s Go Caroling Day.
Or, you know, don’t.