Questionable: Staying Attached When Characters Do Unlikable Things


Sure Thing asked

How do you manage to place your characters in difficulties/conflicts that are still emotionally readable? . . . You still create vulnerability in your characters but nothing that makes me feel they are too flawed . . . . How is it that they hurt, or do hurtful stuff (Cal) and I still want to keep reading?


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Cherry Saturday 8-16-14


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Howdunit: Writing Mysteries


So after five years of beating my head against the brick wall that was Lavender’s Blue, I’m starting over. The flaws were in the protagonist (negative goal), antagonist (confused motivation), the conflict (intermittent), and the plot (wandered all over the place). I’d been duct-taping over the holes in the story for so long it was 95% duct tape. A beta read by Toni Causey finally made me see the light: No More Duct Tape. Time to build a new book.

Oh, and one other thing: the mystery sucked. read more >>

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