A Cast of Thousands . . .


We’re getting far enough along now that we’re looking at our cast of characters and trying to figure out who’s needed and who needs to go; who we’re missing and who we wouldn’t miss if they walked off the page and never came back. My theory of character casts is that you basically have four kinds of characters. This is not a rule, it’s not even a tool. It’s just the way I sort characters. read more >>

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And now back to work . . .


Krissie just left, Toni should be home in New Orleans by today, and I’m back in bed, which isn’t as slothful as it sounds because that’s actually a healthier way to write than sitting at a desk all day. Okay, and because I need more sleep, but still we worked hard this weekend, so no guilt. It’s amazing how much we accomplished, how many blanks we filled in, how much ground we covered, especially when you consider how much time we spent shopping and eating. So here’s what worked for us this weekend: read more >>

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Threadless, one my fave T-shirt places, runs a cake contes called Threadcakes that invites bakers to reproduce one of their T-shirts as a cake. And it’s amazing. Krissie, Toni, and I are busy right now, and we apologize, so to make it up to you . . .

have some cake:

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Patience, Grasshopper


Toni and I have both hit moments of panic this week. We’re not sure how the story works. We don’t have the acts figured out. My antagonist disappears at the midpoint. How does person X know this about person Y? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN AT THE END??????

Another good thing about collaboration: as long as everybody doesn’t panic at once, there’s always somebody there to talk you down. read more >>

Nothing Happens Nowhere, Part 2


So once I had the church elevation done, I kept fiddling with it. Added the rest of the shops. Figured out how the churchyard looked. Added the Warehouse for Toni’s characters. Added the Wild, which is going to be a big setting for Toni’s character. And so now this . . .