Cherry Saturday: 10 25 2014


I almost forgot, it’s World Pasta Day.
Sophia Loren said she owed everything she had to spaghetti. Eat up, people.

Something New in Discovery: Quick Starts


Collaboration always has its difficulties, and one of them is getting everybody together at the same time, on the same page (so to speak). This time Toni and I are going full speed, but Krissie is in the middle of finishing a rewrite and moving her daughter home from college along with several other things, and she’s not going to be able to join us until November (aka next week). Toni and I are generating pages of e-mails and chat transcript, and it’s damn near impossible for us to keep it all straight, let alone Krissie coming in cold turkey on Nov. 1, so Toni and I decided a couple of days ago to do Quick Starts, named after those pamphlets that come with new electronics so you can get up and running quickly without RTFMing. read more >>

Building a Protagonist Visually


Welcome to Discovery Month on Argh. It’s what I’m obsessing on right now, so you’re stuck with it.

If there’s one thing that’s a given about writing fiction, at least the way I write it, is that you find out most of what you need to know by writing the story. But when you’re collaborating on fantasy set in a world that you’re making up as you go, you do a lot of discovery with other people first. read more >>

Brainstorming Setting


Setting is more than location. It’s time, geography, weather, and people. It’s the wallpaper for your story, and just like wallpaper, poor choices and inadequate preparations can destroy the whole room story. We’re in the middle of brainstorming our setting–Toni and I at this point are obsessed–so I figured I’d give you an idea of how we’re doing it. Also, I don’t have time to write a blog post.

The working title for our book is Monday Street because that’s not just the location, that’s the state of mind. read more >>

The Monday Street Collage: Details Add Up


Mondays have turned out to be the day I look at the collage and see what I’ve done that week (fitting for a collage for a book called Monday Street), and what happened this week was relationships.

So first, the collage as it is now: