Cherry Saturday 5 – 9 – 2015


Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day.
Which is a day to remember lost socks, but if you could remember where you left them, they wouldn’t be lost, so . . .


Cherry Saturday 5- 2 – 2015


Today is Krissie’s Birthday!
We’re going to Kathy’s for breakfast where we’re going to discuss our books in progress and the possibility of restarting ReFab, now that we’re not suicidal any more. (Krissie’s winter was much worse than mine; mine was much worse that I realized at the time, we’re both fine now or at least not dead yet.) Also I’m having pancakes.
So what’s new with you?

Amy Schumer Is Fabulous. Twice.


I tried watching Amy Schumer’s show once and it was just too . . . I don’t know, it felt like she was trying too hard. But one of her skits just went viral, and it’s so, so good, and a new one just dropped that’s an extremely catchy music video, and now I am officially an Amy Schumer fangirl. read more >>

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I have too much stuff.

Cherry Saturday 4-18-2015


Today is International Juggler’s Day.
Considering how much multi-tasking Argh People do, I consider this Our Day.