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Sense8 2: Revising “Limbic Whatsit”



I went back and looked at the pilot in light of what I knew about the whole series. I think the problems are much more complex than just the first episode, and because I don’t completely understand what they’re trying to do here, it’s iffy to say “This is how that first episode should have gone.” But based on the idea that a beginning should introduce the protagonists while establishing setting, mood, tone, and conflict, which is pretty basic storytelling, here’s how I’d revise that pilot. read more >>

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The Sense8 Pilot: “Limbic Resonance” WTF?


Warning: TL,DR: I saw a TV pilot that made me crazy so I watched it twice more to see how I’d fix it. I still don’t know, but I wrote three thousand words about why I couldn’t figure it out. Also the show is really good, so plow through the pilot and then settle in for the remaining eleven episodes. It’s worth it. Oh, and it’s definitely R rated, so don’t watch it with the kids or if graphic sex and violence and full frontal nudity appall you.


Last week, I decided to wind down before bed by trying out a new-to-me TV show, Sense8 the latest effort from Andy and Lana Wachowski, who brought us The Matrix and bullet time, and their co-creator and co-writer Michael J. Straczynski. An hour later, I was frowning at the TV; a good reaction to a pilot is not “I don’t understand most of that.” But I was really comfortable and I liked some of the characters, so I clicked on the second episode, and four hours later I was finishing up episode five, completely hooked. I finished the twelve-episode series in two more days, and then tried to process what I’d just seen. read more >>

RWA Lecture 2015


So, as promised, here are the handouts and notes from the two lectures I gave today. (For the record, I wore make-up and underwear, but drew the line at pantyhose and heels. I felt that was a fair compromise.)

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RWA 2015 and My Workshops


As part of my ongoing attempts to screw up every aspect of my life, I have managed to stumble on my RWA national stuff, too. Entirely my fault. I’ll only be there one day, and RWA has very graciously, without once saying, “Crusie, you moron,” rescheduled my Metaphor talk for Friday at 11AM. Character and Turning Points is at 3:30 the same day. I mention this only because some of you have said you might do both, and I’m trying to minimize the screw-ups my screw-up will cause. I’ll post PDFs of the handouts and some notes for both of these here on Argh next Friday, too, since I actually have both presentations done. They’re works of genius, of course. Well, they’re educational. I think. read more >>

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Genius Time


I looked at Lavender Blue‘s first act and realized it was 46,244 words long.

That’s too many.

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