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Continuing My Series of Ineptedness


I was working on a post last night and accidentally hit “Publish.” Then I hit “Draft” again, but I think it might have gone out on the RSS feed. If so, just delete it. I hadn’t even started to cut it yet, so it’s a rambling mess, much like the rest of my life lately. ARGH.

Cherry Saturday 3-7-2014


Today must be the dullest day in history; there are NO holidays that I can find, and I consult lists that include things like Ugly Rug Day. Clearly this must rectified. We are now accepting nominations for a March 7 holiday in the comments. Knock yourselves out. Or wait until Sunday which is Be Nasty Day.



There will be a short delay in the Leverage post; my allergies kicked in, and the only medication that’s keeping me breathing is also keeping me sleeping. Yes, I tried Claritin; doesn’t do a thing for me. Back when I figure out how to stay awake.

Ignore This Post


Yes, I know that’s catnip to you all, but I just need a place to put an image for an experiment. Then I’ll probably delete it. Or maybe not. Anyway, nothing to see here, move it along.




To those of you caught in moderation, I apologize. WordPress changed the dashboard and I can’t see the people in moderation now without clicking a link, which I just clinked and was appalled to find eight of you in there, some for three days. Really sorry about that.