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Questionable: 10 Things to Know About Publishing


Julie wrote:

How about . . . [a] Top 10 things nobody tells you about getting your book published, Top 10 things newbie authors need to know, middle-of-the-road/almost published authors should know…


Questionable: Reasons for Rejection


Julie asked:

How about your Top 10 lists of helpful tips like… Top 10 most common things that get a manuscript rejected . . . 10 Rejection Reasons and what they *really* mean (decoding those rejection letters can be hard sometimes).

Top Ten Reasons an Editor Rejects Your Book:

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The End of History Problem in Planning a Writing Career


The End of History Illusion is the common assumption that, wherever we are in life, we have become who we were meant to be, that we made mistakes in the past–dated the wrong person, got a dubious tattoo, made dumb investments, whatever–but NOW we’re grown up, we’re smarter, we know what we’re doing, and we know who we are.

The problem is, time passes and the End of History moves with us, and that time ten years ago when we thought we knew it all, knew exactly how the rest of our lives were going to go, knew who we were forever? Yeah, we changed and now that’s part of our history, we’re not like that anymore but THIS time, THIS is the End of History. read more >>

Rupert Murdoch Just Bought Harlequin


I really wish I had something deep and insightful to say, but all I’ve got is, “Holy crap, Rupert Murdoch just bought Harlequin.” I wouldn’t care–wait, yes, I would, that’s going to have an impact on my industry–except that that means that Rupert owns seven of my books. The chances he’ll notice are slim, but still . . .

I suggest the article in the NYT because most of the rest are full of bodice ripper jokes and insights like, “Rupert Murdoch is getting a divorce, maybe he’s looking for love?” Morons.

I’ve read everything I can find on this, and nobody knows what’s going to happen. Which means it’s publishing as usual: whatever’s going on, it’s not what went on yesterday.

The world is just going to hell, that’s what I think.