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Anne Stuart: 40 Years of Experience



I should probably have titled this “Anne Stuart: 40 Years of Experience With Writing and Publishing,” but frankly, she’s just got a lot of experience about stuff in general. Over on her Drama Queen Blog, she’s talking about her publishing career, a post every day, and it’s great stuff. If you want to read anecdotes about building a career as a goddess in publishing, you should go there. Also she offers something different every day, contests, 99 cent books, free books, a Kindle, but you have to be there on the day to know about it. (Today is a freebie: Escape Out of Darkness.) So really, you should go read the Drama Queen every day.

Anne Stuart: Day 2


From Twitter:

Anne Stuart ‏@TheAnneStuart:

Day 2 of 40 days of celebrating 40 years as a published writer.
UNDER AN ENCHANTMENT for 99 cents at Amazon.

Anne Stuart at 40 . . .


Forty years as a published writer! She’s doing forty days of giveaways and . . . other stuff. Check out her ‏@TheAnneStuart twitter feed:

Krissie 40

That’s 1 day only Shadow Dance for $.99 at Amazon.

Toni McGee Causey Wants To Give You Something


Toni has something for you:

Wedding-novella-cover-final

Lani Has A New Book Out!


Our Lani, aka Lucy March, has a new Nodaway Falls book out!

That Touch of Magic

Beautiful, screwed-up Stacy Easter is back and in magical trouble in Lucy March’s follow-up to A Little Night Magic.

“Great writing and characterization flesh out a unique, compelling plot that keeps readers intrigued and emotionally engaged. Touching, sexy and enchanting.” – Kirkus

And here’s your Amazon link.