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Zo’s First Story Retcon Collage


So I haven’t put any more words on paper, but I’ve figured out the major problem with the first story/chapter which was two-fold:
1. Zo wasn’t doing anything except trying to escape with the kids. I need a protagonist with a goal. And now I know how to do that in this story/chapter/whatever.
2. The mood was so grim, and I didn’t know how to lighten it because, hello, somebody’s trying to kill her. So I collaged with the elements I knew were in there, searching for period illustrations for the people, and by George, I think I’ve got it. All the people illustrations are Leyendecker except for one Mucha and one Coleman:



Threadless, one my fave T-shirt places, runs a cake contes called Threadcakes that invites bakers to reproduce one of their T-shirts as a cake. And it’s amazing. Krissie, Toni, and I are busy right now, and we apologize, so to make it up to you . . .

have some cake:

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And now for something completely different . . .


Because you must be getting sick of all this discovery stuff.

And because I’m a fool for Minions:


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What You Will Be Watching July 30


Guardians of the Galaxy won’t be out until August 1, but on the 30th of July, you’ll need a lot of popcorn for this . . . read more >>

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Stealth Calvin


Pearls Before Swine cartoonist Stephan Pastis writes on his blog about how a fan tribute turned into an amazing collaboration:


The blog post is almost as good as the comic strips.

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