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It’s Monday: Be More Dog


My friend Sue D. showed me this:

Happy Monday! (I draw the line at frisbees, though.)

Collaging Character


We’re talking about collage this week in the McD class, and one of the hardest things to get across is that collage is not illustration. While it’s perfectly fine to google for specific things in your story, what you’re really looking for is the look and feel of the narrative, and nowhere is that more important than in the characters.

It’s tempting to just pick one face to represent your character and leave it at that, but I’ve found that it’s too limiting, especially if you’re using an actor in a particular role. At that point, you’re really just using somebody else’s character, so I’ve found it’s easier to visualize my people if I choose multiple faces to represent them. For example, here’s Tennyson from “Cold Hearts:” read more >>

The Movie That Is You


Because I’ve been spending way too much time in my head lately and after that way too much time on io9 (it’s where my brain goes to rest after thinking about story all day), I began to think about the movies I love, which then led to thinking about how my taste in movies defines me, which then led me to think about what I’d choose if somebody put a gun to Milton’s head and told me to pick one movie that represents my taste in story and my worldview. The movie that, if you like it, you will probably like me and I will probably like you. The movie that I would take to a desert island with me and play over and over. That movie.

This is Milton:

Milton 15-39-03

And this is my movie:

Best Movie Poster Ever


I’m definitely losing my grip over this movie:


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On August 1 . . .


I never go to the movies anymore. I have a nice large screen TV and my popcorn is better than the theaters. But on August 1, I will kicking small children from my path to get to this . . .

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