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We Pause This Discussion for a Rant About Kingsman


Yes, I’m still working on “Hot Toy,” but something’s been BUGGING me.


Kingsman. Have you seen it? If you’re not squeamish about violence (if you liked Hot Fuzz, for example, and you should), it’s a lot of over-the-top fun. I’ve seen it three times and intend to watch it many times more. Love it.

Except for what they do to the good women. read more >>

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Amy Schumer Is Fabulous. Twice.


I tried watching Amy Schumer’s show once and it was just too . . . I don’t know, it felt like she was trying too hard. But one of her skits just went viral, and it’s so, so good, and a new one just dropped that’s an extremely catchy music video, and now I am officially an Amy Schumer fangirl. read more >>

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No, That’s Bears


Meg sent me a link to this post, Women Having A Terrible Time at Parties in Western Art, to cheer me up and I’m passing on the favor:


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I’m going to see this image every time I revise now. Also, Patrick Warburton.

Screenshot 2015-03-07 04.59.58

Ah, creepy, sinister man.

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Zo’s First Story Retcon Collage


So I haven’t put any more words on paper, but I’ve figured out the major problem with the first story/chapter which was two-fold:
1. Zo wasn’t doing anything except trying to escape with the kids. I need a protagonist with a goal. And now I know how to do that in this story/chapter/whatever.
2. The mood was so grim, and I didn’t know how to lighten it because, hello, somebody’s trying to kill her. So I collaged with the elements I knew were in there, searching for period illustrations for the people, and by George, I think I’ve got it. All the people illustrations are Leyendecker except for one Mucha and one Coleman: