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Random Thursday


So I’m still not organized enough to do a real post, but since Argh has been empty since, uh, Saturday? I thought I’d check in with a Random post. Do not expect coherence, this is just Stuff. read more >>

It’s Monday: Be More Dog


My friend Sue D. showed me this:

Happy Monday! (I draw the line at frisbees, though.)

Buy Honey Maid Graham Crackers Today. Lots of Them.


And probably some milk.

Money Is the Root of Evil


Monty Python’s back:

Every time I get depressed about finances, I’m gonna play this.

Via io9.

The Movie That Is You


Because I’ve been spending way too much time in my head lately and after that way too much time on io9 (it’s where my brain goes to rest after thinking about story all day), I began to think about the movies I love, which then led to thinking about how my taste in movies defines me, which then led me to think about what I’d choose if somebody put a gun to Milton’s head and told me to pick one movie that represents my taste in story and my worldview. The movie that, if you like it, you will probably like me and I will probably like you. The movie that I would take to a desert island with me and play over and over. That movie.

This is Milton:

Milton 15-39-03

And this is my movie: