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April Will Be Better


You know how it is when all hell is breaking loose in your life, and you just put your head down and keep on going because quitting isn’t an option, and then the sun comes out and you look up and realize you’ve been clenching your jaw for three months and it’s not over yet?

Yeah, that.

Happiness Sunday: New Words for Happy


Mary (Egads) posted this link to this great post on Buzzed about foreign words we should steal immediately.


Tell us four happy things that happened to you this week so we can get all mudita-y.

Happiness Monday


Cabin Fever


I’m trapped inside a cottage with four dogs and some miscellaneous wildlife–mice I think–that have decided that four dogs is less of a threat than the sub-zero temps and no food. I’m okay with that; chasing screaming after the skittering in the next room is the only exercise these guys are getting since once they get outside the snow is taller than they are. The good news: If they can make it up over the edge of the shoveled walk, they can run all they want because the snow is covered with ice. Yes, that’s the good news. read more >>

Cherry Happiness Weekend Update


Jill posted this somewhere so I thought I’d just make it a full post. Put your happiness/Cherry News here, please:

From Jill: