Cherry Saturday 6-27-2015


Today is National Sunglasses Day, which is good, because it’s important to protect your eyes. Also, sunglasses are cool.


(You don’t even want to know what those cost.)

Testing, Testing . . . Sex and Violence


I’ve been fighting with the website trying to get PDFs to load and it’s just not working.
Plan B: Load them here and then link to them. So here’s a very old handout so I can see if linking to it works.
Testing . . .


Huh. Why does it work here and not on the website? Off to Google.

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Story, Authority, and Sanctuary



I’ve been reading a lot the past few days, which is a switch for me. I spent the winter watching movies and binge-watching TV series, and only this week turned back to the printed page (well, digital page). And it’s just dawned on me tonight–I’ve been half dead since November–that in both film and print, I’ve been anesthetizing myself all this time with story. read more >>

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Cherry Saturday 6-20-2015


It’s Ice Cream Soda Day.
You know what to do.


(For the purposed of this celebration, milkshakes may be substituted for sodas.)

And Now for Something Not Depressing . . .


So it’s been weird here. Things happened that I wasn’t expecting. Things I expected to happen didn’t. And there was winter. It all kind of combined into a perfect storm that swamped me into a ocean of depression (which is why I’ve just deleted that horrible depressing post I put up about a month ago.) I’m much better now. Not dead yet. So here are some of the things that have comforted me and helped lift me out of my depression: read more >>