Cherry Saturday 3 – 28 – 2015


Today is Something on a Stick Day. Avoid the corndogs.

SoaS Day

No, That’s Bears


Meg sent me a link to this post, Women Having A Terrible Time at Parties in Western Art, to cheer me up and I’m passing on the favor:


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April Will Be Better


You know how it is when all hell is breaking loose in your life, and you just put your head down and keep on going because quitting isn’t an option, and then the sun comes out and you look up and realize you’ve been clenching your jaw for three months and it’s not over yet?

Yeah, that.

Happiness Sunday: New Words for Happy


Mary (Egads) posted this link to this great post on Buzzed about foreign words we should steal immediately.


Tell us four happy things that happened to you this week so we can get all mudita-y.

Cherry Saturday 3 20 2015


You know sometimes we miss a winner of a holiday by just one day. Yesterday was Extraterrestrial Abductions Day. Today we have National Quilting Day, but it’s just not the same.


Quilt pattern available at Shiny Happy World.