The Monday Street Collage: Details Add Up


Mondays have turned out to be the day I look at the collage and see what I’ve done that week (fitting for a collage for a book called Monday Street), and what happened this week was relationships.

So first, the collage as it is now:


Questionable: Discovery


Lola asked:

Could you talk about the discovery process? I’m getting back in to an old story and I feel like I need a refresher course in who my character is and the world she lives in. I like her but I think enough time has gone by that who I wanted her to be is different now. I’m older and now I want her to be older and wiser too.


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Cherry Saturday 10 18 2014



It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day in America. Even if you’re not American, please honor our customs today.

The Monday Street Collage: More Progress


Since I posted the beginning of the collage, I thought you might like to see the progress. Actually, I thought, “I need a blog post and I have a picture of the collage,” but seeing the progress is also a factor. Again, this is just visual note-taking to keep me in the book; nothing here is set in stone, it can all change, but the stuff that happens in my brain while I’m doing this is so valuable that I don’t care how much stuff I rip off and move around or how messy it is. Not an artwork, a visual notebook. And here’s where I am now . . . read more >>

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Today is It’s My Party Day. Cry if you want to.