Cherry Saturday: April 19, 2013


Today is National Garlic Day. Garlic is delicious, non-fattening, and very very good for you. How often does that happen? Roll in it.

Exploiting You: What Should Go Into A Writing Book


Note: This post has been updated with suggestions from the comments after the first day.

I’m finally getting that oft-talked about writing book together, and I’m working on a plan of organization now so I can take the ten tons of text that I already have, edit it and add to it and generally get this done. (That’s probably a good two years of work right there.) Below is the first draft of my proposal for the book. I emphasize: FIRST DRAFT. So what I need to know is what you would like in a writing book that isn’t specified below, along with whatever you don’t like about this plan. Critique please . . .

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Random Thursday


So I’m still not organized enough to do a real post, but since Argh has been empty since, uh, Saturday? I thought I’d check in with a Random post. Do not expect coherence, this is just Stuff. read more >>



There will be a short delay in the Leverage post; my allergies kicked in, and the only medication that’s keeping me breathing is also keeping me sleeping. Yes, I tried Claritin; doesn’t do a thing for me. Back when I figure out how to stay awake.

Cherry Saturday: April 12, 2013


April is National Welding Month. Just in case you were looking for a hobby. Or a new career.