Questionable: Character Names


Sharon S asked:

As a reader, I am always interested in finding out how and why authors choose the names of their characters. I’ve asked but never quite get an answer. I’m listening to Maybe This Time again. I’d forgotten Andy’s name is Andromeda. I’m guessing that is because of her strange mom? But what gives you your names? Please and Thank You.


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Cherry Saturday 8-23-14


Today is Ride the Wind Day, described as a day to soar above the earth.
You know, just watch Up again. That should do it.

Great Site: Wordmark


If you’re a font-lover (I am, I am) but it makes you crazy trying to figure out which font will look best for the design you’re working on, go to Wordmark immediately. You type the words you want to preview in the box, hit the “load fonts” button so the site can access your font list and you get this:


Questionable: Staying Attached When Characters Do Unlikable Things


Sure Thing asked

How do you manage to place your characters in difficulties/conflicts that are still emotionally readable? . . . You still create vulnerability in your characters but nothing that makes me feel they are too flawed . . . . How is it that they hurt, or do hurtful stuff (Cal) and I still want to keep reading?


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Cherry Saturday 8-16-14


Today is National Tell A Joke Day.
Knock yourselves out.